Plant Packing Process

At UrbanPlantNook, we prioritize the safety of every plant during delivery. To achieve this, we’ve tested numerous methods, striving for excellence in ensuring the quality of each plant upon arrival. We are confident that we have perfected packing way for successful deliveries.

Here is what we do:

Step 1:
We cover the pots with wood fiber to prevent soil spillage during shipment.


Step 2:
To ensure the plant’s security, we secure it by tying it into a plastic bag.


Step 3:
The entire plant is placed in a paper bag for additional protection.


Step 4:
Your plant is carefully positioned inside a delivery box.


Step 5:
Our box design is specially crafted to prevent any movement of the plant during transit.


Step 6:
With these measures in place, your plant is now prepared for shipment, and you can expect to receive it within 7-14 days.