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Love my new Goeldii

Gorgeous plant, came in the mail fast, and packaged well. Plant was in great shape and thriving (already new shoot coming out!)

Black Beauty.

Plants arrived nicely packaged, healthy and undamaged. No worries.

Dracaena Colorama
George Stretzinger

I planted both and so far they are both doing Great.
Thank You So Much!

Wonderful plant

My plants arrived beautifully wrapped and protected. Potted them within a day. Can't wait until they grow bigger. What a great experience. Will definitely order again from here.

Stromanthe Triostar
Robin Packard

Absolutely stunning! The plant arrived in excellent health, impeccably packaged, and the price was quite reasonable. I'll certainly be returning for more plants of this caliber.

Anthurium Red
Jo Robbins

Very nice plant and survived from shipping. Nice work!

Arabica Coffee Tree
Martha Needleman

Noticed some brown spots on the leaves, likely due to cold shipping weather despite opting for cold protection. However, after repotting, the plant seems to be perking up.



Philodendron Congo Rojo
Linda Anne Bond

Fantastic condition

Tradescantia Nanouk
Thomas Leskovec
I love my little plant!

I love my little plant!

Pothos Marble Queen
Johanna Rytilahti

Impressively fast shipping! My Queen arrived securely packaged, with just a couple of expectedly damaged leaves. Thanks!

Becoming a plant enthusiast was never on my radar, but thanks to this plant shop, here I am! This particular plant has become one of my all-time favorites, thanks to its captivating stripes and vibrant colors. I'm eager to expand my collection with more plants soon. __

Areca Palm
Stevan Sipka

The soil of this palm was dry upon its arrival after its lengthy journey to TX. Naturally, I watered it, but the next morning, I noticed fuzzy white mold or fungus on top of the pot and emerging from the bottom. As a first-time houseplant owner, I was concerned, especially since none of the other plants I ordered displayed similar issues. Despite reaching out to customer service for assistance.

As their advice, I decided to discard all the shipped soil and repot the palm into a 6-inch pot with fresh soil. It seems to be thriving in its new environment, and I no longer observe the white fuzzy substance. As a precaution, I applied a 3-1 garden spray to the soil after repotting, just in case any remnants were left on the plant from the old soil. All in all, this palm has become my favorite among the bunch so far.

Receiving my new plant babies in the mail was incredibly exciting! The shipping was smooth, all four plants arrived larger and healthier than what I think. They are a wonderful addition to my garden, and I'm eagerly looking forward to creating memories with themXcan't wait! __

Hoya Carnosa Tricolor
Amy Rothmeyer

I got this plant for my sister, and she really liked it, especially the vibrant colors! While she mentioned that the packaging didn't seem very protective for the leaves and stems, there was little to no damage. Fortunately, she was able to retrieve it shortly after I notified her of its delivery. Despite no heat in the package or a heat pack, the plant arrived healthy. It'll be exciting to observe its growth. I'm considering getting one for myself too!

Homalomena Selby
Vera Raseecin

Homalomena 'Selby' exceeded my expectations. It arrived in perfect condition, and the description and image on House Plant Shop accurately represented what I received. This consistency is crucial for online shoppers like myself.

String of Hearts Variegated
Jose Torres Torres

Purchased the 6-inch size, and it is absolutely stunning! Easily one of my favorite plants. Absolutely love it!

Monstera Split Leaf
Calum Snelling

Shes cute!

Peperomia Marble
Fadhal Moore

This adorable plant arrived in excellent health. I just repotted it this morning, and I'm hopeful that it will thrive and enjoy its new home here.

A wish list plant added to my collection. Good qualiry plant as usual!

Good plant

Absolutely adore this plant! It arrived in flawless condition, courtesy of the company's impeccable packaging expertise. Appreciate the attention to detail in every order. Highly recommend them!

The plant is really Beautiful

Pothos Neon
Tammie Gowin

From the ordering process to shipping, the entire experience was excellent, and now I'm enjoying my beautiful pothos! Many thanks for providing instructions on caring for my new plant!

good plant

The small plant looks fantastic and arrived intact! The packaging was both secure and protective, yet not overly bulky, which I found to be quite appreciated. Overall, it was a wonderful experience!